Empowering the Future

Daughters finally in School

Empowering the Future: Providing Education to Slum Children and Advocating for Right to Education.

The Non-Violence Foundation is dedicated to promoting education and advocating for the implementation of the Right to Education Act 2005. Our goal is to provide slum children with access to quality education and ensure they receive the same opportunities as other children.

We work with parents to mainstream children into regular schools, helping them to enroll in big, famous, and English medium schools. Where schools or the government do not provide support, we offer remedial classes and financial aid for dress, books, and other necessities.

Over the past five years, we have successfully reached out to 791 children and now aim to support 5000 children across India. Our goal is to create a brighter future for these children, breaking the cycle of poverty and enabling them to reach their full potential.

We appeal to donors and supporters to join us in this mission to empower the future. By investing in education, we can create a better world for these children and future generations. Together, we can ensure every child has the right to an education and the opportunity to succeed.