Sustaining Peace

NVPF - Sustaining Peace

“A to Z: A Journey towards a Culture of Peace and Non-violence”

A is for Acceptance, a step towards peace,

B is for Belonging, we’re all one, we must cease,

C is for Compassion, to feel what others do,

D is for Diversity, embracing it’s true.

E is for Empathy, to understand another’s pain,

F is for Forgiveness, it’s never too late to gain,

G is for Generosity, giving of oneself with care,

H is for Harmony, it’s the foundation to repair.

I is for Inclusiveness, leaving no one behind,

J is for Justice, that all must be fair and kind,

K is for Kindness, it’s what makes our world bright,

L is for Love, shining through day and night.

M is for Mercy, offering a helping hand,

N is for Non-violence, it’s the path we must stand,

O is for Open-mindedness, to hear different views,

P is for Patience, waiting with a kind heart too.

Q is for Quietness, finding peace within our soul,

R is for Respect, treating others with a heart whole,

S is for Sharing, spreading joy, and hope,

T is for Trust, letting go, to help us cope.

U is for Unity, working together as one,

V is for Volunteering, helping until the work is done,

W is for Wisdom, learning from our past,

X is for eXpression, speaking out, at last.

Y is for Yielding, to others, their say,

Z is for Zenith, reaching the top, come what may,

A to Z, a journey, towards peace and love,

Let us all come together, to make this a better world above.

Author : Dr. Birendra Kumar

Sustaining Peace: A Joint Effort by The Non-Violence Foundation

The Non-Violence Foundation is working tirelessly towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16, which aims to promote peace, justice, and strong institutions. The foundation believes that sustaining peace is essential for the achievement of all other SDGs and that peace is the cornerstone for a prosperous, just, and equitable world.

To this end, the Non-Violence Foundation has launched various initiatives to promote peace, non-violence, and conflict resolution. The foundation invites all like-minded institutions and individuals to join hands in this noble cause and work towards making a peaceful world a reality.

One of the foundation’s key initiatives is the “Shanti Sena,” a youth-led movement aimed at ensuring a peaceful society. The foundation is calling out to all young people to join Shanti Sena and contribute to building a world free of violence and conflict.

If you share the foundation’s vision of a peaceful world and are interested in joining the movement, please write to us. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where everyone can live in peace, prosperity, and justice.

Join us in our efforts towards sustaining peace and promoting non-violence. Let us work together to make the world a better place for future generations.