The WAOW Club (We Are One World)

Introduction: The world is facing numerous challenges that require global cooperation and action. Climate change, poverty, and inequality are just a few of the issues that demand a unified response from all nations. The G20 theme of “One Family, One Earth and One Future” reflects this need for a shared vision of a sustainable and equitable world. The purpose of the WAOW Club is to promote this theme and to encourage students to become responsible and engaged citizens who can contribute to a better future for all.

Objective: The objective of the WAOW Club is to raise awareness about the G20 theme of “One Earth, One Family and One Future” and to promote leadership, democracy, responsible citizenship, and voter awareness among college students.

Activities and events:

  • Monthly guest speaker sessions: Invite experts in various fields such as climate change, international development, and civic engagement to speak to the club members.
  • Debates and discussions: Encourage students to engage in discussions and debates on current issues related to the G20 theme.
  • Workshops: Organize workshops on leadership development, democratic values, and responsible citizenship.
  • Community service projects: Partner with local organizations to carry out community service projects that promote environmental sustainability and social justice.
  • Voter awareness campaigns: Conduct campaigns to encourage students to register to vote and participate in elections.

Impact and outcomes: The WAOW Club is expected to have the following impacts and outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the G20 theme among college students
  • Development of leadership skills and democratic values among students
  • Increased voter turnout among students
  • Contributions to environmental sustainability and social justice through community service projects.

Conclusion: The WAOW Club has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to promoting the G20 theme of “One Earth, One Family and One Future” and to encouraging students to become responsible and engaged citizens. The club will provide a platform for students to learn about current issues, develop leadership skills, and contribute to a better future for all.

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