Peace Policy

NVPF Peace Policy

Peace Policy as per SDG Goal 16

Our Mission: The Non-Violence Foundation is dedicated to promoting peace, understanding, and respect for all people. We believe that non-violence is the most effective means of resolving conflicts and promoting social justice.

Policy Statement: The Non-Violence Foundation is committed to advancing the principles of peace, justice, and strong institutions, in line with the objectives of SDG Goal 16. We recognize that achieving peace is a complex and ongoing process that requires the active engagement of all sectors of society.

Guidelines for Advancing Peace:

  1. We will work to prevent and resolve conflicts through peaceful means, and we will promote dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation between individuals, groups, and nations.
  2. We will support the development of strong, inclusive, and accountable institutions that can prevent and resolve conflicts, and that can promote peace, justice, and human rights.
  3. We will promote access to justice and the rule of law, and we will work to prevent violence and human rights abuses.
  4. We will support the development of peaceful and inclusive societies, and we will work to promote tolerance, respect, and non-discrimination.
  5. We will work to address the root causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, and marginalization, and we will promote sustainable development and economic growth.
  6. We will collaborate with other organizations and stakeholders to advance the cause of peace, and we will advocate for greater action and resources to be devoted to this goal.

Enforcement: The Non-Violence Foundation will take appropriate action in response to any violations of this peace policy, which may include termination of the relationship with the individual responsible, and reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities.