Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work

Inauguration of Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work

Welcome to Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work, an initiative of the Non-Violence Foundation, which began in 2010 with a vision to empower rural communities in Champaran Bihar. Our unique hybrid model of education aimed to contribute towards achieving the millennium development goals, promoting development on the Indo-Nepal border. With the support of Edgar Gramiger, our international director from Switzerland, and Birendra Kumar, the founder of the Non-Violence Peace Movement, we were able to establish the college in Champaran, Bihar, with the backing of institutions such as Gujarat Vidyapeet and Gandhi Research Foundation.

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, we were unable to start the college in Champaran. Despite working extensively in rural communities, the University Grants Commission did not have guidelines, and universities in Bihar were not aware of the Master of Social Work course, making it challenging to secure affiliation. However, with the introduction of the New Education Policy, the recognition of online learning, and the government’s push towards a hybrid education system due to Covid-19, things have turned in our favour. The UGC has now upgraded its distance and online learning policies, with the government mandating universities and colleges to upgrade their courses to the hybrid mode.

With this positive development, we have decided to start our unique, community-based, autonomous, and independent college in rural districts of India, beginning in the capital city. We were fortunate enough to secure a suitable building in South West Delhi, and on 25th July 2022, we inaugurated our college on the occasion of Edgar’s birthday and Global Parents Day. Common Children Aarav Soni, Gautam Devi, and Senior Citizen Mr. Dharmendra Yadav symbolized the present and future, as they jointly inaugurated our college. With the use of technology and the support of Covid-19, we aim to reach every corner of India by 2030.

Our college offers a unique five-year Integrated Dual Course of Graduation and Master in MSW, MBA, and MJMC, focusing on social work education. Edgar Gramiger, our patron and first donor, was the first to understand the need and significance of the Mahatma Gandhi College of Social Work. He has sponsored the first ten girls’ students in our college, helping them to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

We invite you to visit our college website to learn more about our unique college and the courses we offer. As an investor or donor, we welcome you to support us in our vision to empower rural communities in India through education and contribute towards achieving the millennium development goals.