Sowing the Seeds of Peace

Project Title: “Sowing the Seeds of Peace: A Journey towards a Nonviolent Society”

Objective: To promote peace and nonviolence by training individuals to become peace-trained teachers who can educate and inspire the next generation to embrace these values.

Impact: By training 10,000 peace leaders by 2030, the project aims to create a ripple effect of peace and nonviolence that will lead to a sustainable and nonviolent society for world peace.


  1. Hybrid training workshops: The Non-Violence Foundation will conduct hybrid training workshops to educate individuals on the principles of peace and nonviolence.
  2. Advocacy for peace education: The foundation will advocate for peace education to be incorporated into the curricula of schools and colleges.
  3. Peace leader certification: Participants who complete the training will receive certification as peace leaders, allowing them to spread the message of peace and nonviolence in their communities.
  4. Innovative methods: The foundation will use innovative methods, such as interactive activities, role-plays, and case studies, to make the training engaging and impactful.
  5. Collaboration with other organizations: The Non-Violence Foundation will collaborate with other organizations that share the same mission to maximize the impact of its activities.

The “Sowing the Seeds of Peace” project is a comprehensive and innovative approach to promoting peace and nonviolence. By training individuals to become peace leaders, the project aims to create a chain reaction of peace that will lead to a better world for all.